EcoCentral Materials Recovery Facility

An interior photo of a recycling facility

An upgraded recycling facility for Christchurch, supporting sustainable outcomes and the circular economy

An Ambitious Upgrade

With the support of Central Government, EcoCentral embarked on an ambitious project to fully upgrade it's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Christchurch. This upgrade dramatically improved the fibre and plastic sorting capabilities of the plant, and included new equipment, a completely new electrical and control system, and upgrades to fire protection systems.

Rubix provided full Project Management services from project establishment, through procurement, and throughout delivery to successful commissioning and completion.

Upgrading While Operating

One of the key challenges the project team faced was the need for the plant to continue operating while the upgrades were taking place. As the only MRF in Christchurch, receiving all of Christchurch's 'yellow bins', stopping the plant for extended periods of time was not an option. Our team worked with all stakeholders to create detailed staging plans, assess risks and mitigations, and ensure all parties had what they needed, when they needed it.

Covid Challenges

The new plant is performing above specification, and the project was completed on time and budget, despite challenging supply chain conditions in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Points of Interest
  • The upgraded equipment includes 8 high-speed optical sorters that use a high-tech camera system to identify and sort fibre, plastic and waste streams.
  • The team took advantage of brief shutdown windows to complete additional scope, upgrading the material receiving floor with a high-tech, high-strength concrete top layer.
  • The plant was fully detailed using 3D design software, which made it easier for operators and fabricators to review the design and develop detailed construction sequencing.
Project team


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