Christchurch International Airport Limited, Kōwhai Park

Kōwhai Park
Renewable energy on a whole new scale

Rubix have been working with Christchurch International Airport for almost 25 years, we are delighted to be working alongside the project leadership as a key member of the Kowhai Park precinct project for the airport. Kōwhai Park is a platform for creating a range of green energies, and Rubix is managing elements of phase one of CIAL’s Ecosystem vision, which will see Contact Energy and Lightsource bp deliver a 150 megawatt solar farm.

The energy produced will be able to sustainably power the airport campus and future aviation activities, including terminal requirements with the potential to include green hydrogen generation down the track.

The expected 150MW solar array will generate 290 GWh per year. This is equivalent to the annual demand of approximately 36,000 homes or approximately half of Christchurch’s domestic flights being converted to low-emission technologies.

Setting up for future generations
  • The solar farm will span around 300 hectares on land just behind the airport’s runways.
  • With around 300,000 solar panels, Kōwhai Park’s solar farm will be among the largest in New Zealand.
  • The solar farm will have the same carbon benefit as planting around 1.25 million native trees and shrubs.
  • The Rubix team are providing the guidance and project leadership to identify and overcome project challenges while working on the project planning and end of project benefits toward the best possible return for the energy needs of our community and CIAL’s aviation facilities.
Project team


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